Looking for 10th Grade Homeschool Curriculum? Check this out!

No doubt, 10th grade is an important year for high school academics. And no doubt, if you have a 10th grade homeschool student, you want to give them the best tools to succeed. Your student has survived the transition that was 9th grade and you want them to be super-prepared for the challenges of 11th grade. A curriculum tailored to their specific needs can make all the difference.

12 Online 10th Grade Homeschool Programs Worth Looking Into

  1. A+ Courseware – with an easy-to-navigate layout, A+ is great for the visual learner.
  2. Apex Learning – This challenging and rigorous courseware is sure to equip any serious 10th grade student for college and beyond with its Honors and AP courses.
  3. GradPoint – Gradpoint provides 180 rigorous courses to equip high school students with the skills they need to succeed.
  4. OdysseyWareComprehensive and researched based, OdysseyWare can effectively teach any student.
  5. Plato – Relevant curriculum with a 21st century approach, Plato engages students with media-rich content.
  6. Christian Curriculum – Ignitia, by Alpha and Omega, is a Bible-based curriculum.
  7. Accelerate – Accelerate Education provides broad, flexible and engaging curriculum. It is customizable and has virtual labs.
  8. eDynamic – 50 academically excellent electives allows students to customize their learning.  eDynamic can be used in addition to another curriculum used for core courses.
  9. Foreign Language Training – Rosetta Stone’s method of interactive immersion for language training is available for a number of languages.
  10. ACT/SAT Prep – The sophomore year is the time to give serious thought to SAT/ACT testing. Barron’s ACT Online Prep program will help students maximize their scores with 100s of expert lesson videos, 1000x of practice questions, and powerful adaptive learning technology.
  11. Accredited Online School – For families looking for at-home learning with a school-like structure, International Virtual Learning Academy is an excellent option.  Certified and/or highly qualified teachers support each course. Students choose from three diploma programs.
  12. Adult Education – Is your 10th grader taking an educational route that requires a GED? We have an online program to meet that goal.

Why is Online Curriculum Perfect for 10th Grade?

Tenth grade finds students in the middle of adolescence, a time in life with a unique set of needs:

  • Physical needs – Tenth graders require a lot of sleep! Online curriculum allows students to schedule their learning to fit their sleep
  • Social/emotional considerations – Traditional school settings can be detrimental to 15-16 year olds. Bullying and peer pressure as well as the struggle to build self-awareness and self-esteem can send families looking for alternatives to brick-and-mortar schools. With online learning, families can create a positive environment for this vulnerable time of life.
  • Opportunities to explore interests – Online curriculum, allows students to explore a wide range of interests. This is an invaluable tool in shaping future educational choices.
  • Academics – Because online curriculum is individualized learning, students can fill any learning gaps and/or be challenged to excel. Interactive, one-on-one presentations helps to establish the student as a motivated, independent learner. The result? The student is solidly prepared for higher education.

All these options for 10th grade online curriculum are available at one  location – Global Student Network. Compare programs, view demos, chat with our helpful staff – start your 10th grader on the road to success today!