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Get a feel for our curricula, first hand, before enrolling.

Global Student Network is proud to offer demos of all our curriculum providers so you can view the key components of each before making your selection. GSN recognizes that each student has their own unique learning style, so we have carefully selected curriculum options from a variety of providers.  Each provider is nationally recognized yet unique in the delivery of the content.

Simply complete the form on the right to receive your demo login.

You will receive one email with both a teacher/parent and student login.  We encourage you to go through each demo in both the teacher/parent and student role as well as have your student login to the student portals.   If you have more than one student in the household, we strongly encourage you to have each student login and “explore” each curriculum as it is not uncommon for them to have their own preferences.

If you have any further questions after viewing the demos, please do not hesitate to contact us.