Every parent wishes that their child would spend more time outside. Fortunately for homeschool parents, you are in control of your child’s day and have the ability to get them outdoors when you want. Here are a few reasons to schedule an outdoor recess session during your child’s school day. 


Get Your Kids Active

Most schoolwork involves sitting in front of a book or computer for several hours each day. Other time indoors usually involves playing video games or watching TV. While kids can be active inside, most parents don’t like to let their kids run wild and knock over every photograph and lamp in the home. Getting your kids outside allows them to run, jump, crawl, climb, and move their bodies however they want. Physically active kids tend to be healthier as adults. Physical play also builds motor skills necessary for success in school and beyond. 


Teach Them Independence

It’s natural for parents to want to keep an eye on their kids at all times. However, it’s vitally important for children to learn independence as they get older. As your child learns to explore the outdoors (or your backyard), they learn to be more independent. Children often have little say in their daily schedule and playing freely allows them to make their own choices for a few moments. Small experiences like building an obstacle course or making a fort out of sticks can help refine their decision-making skills. 


Decrease Stress Levels

As an adult bombarded with things to do, it can be difficult to imagine a child’s life as being stressful. But kids get stressed out too! Getting your child outside can offer all the benefits you feel when you take a walk during a stressful day. Fresh air and sunshine can do wonders to help them relax and make them feel better. Physical activity can also significantly improve stress levels. If your child has seemed overwhelmed lately, encourage them to get outdoors and they’ll probably feel much better soon. 


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