If you’re considering homeschooling your child in the upcoming school year, you’re probably already getting a list of supplies. Notebooks? Check. A workspace? Check. An online curriculum? Check. But there are a few things you maybe haven’t thought about in terms of your attitude toward homeschooling. Here are a few things every homeschool parent needs. 

A Willingness to Learn

No homeschool parent has it all figured out. There will be a lot of trial and error when figuring out how to teach your child, how to manage your family’s time, and what curriculum is best for your kids. If you expect to know everything before you begin your first year of homeschooling, you’re going to run into a lot of frustration along the way. Be open to learning about yourself, your children, and your family. 

A Desire for Your Child to be Happy

Seems like a no-brainer, right? Every parent wants their child to be happy, but it can sometimes be difficult to know what is really going to give them joy in life. That might mean taking them out of public school completely, or it might mean letting them participate in sports and extracurricular activities with their friends. It might mean challenging them to work hard so that they can excel in their classes or it might mean taking things very slow as they work through a particular subject. 

A Thick Skin

Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t agree with homeschooling their children. You will inevitably run into other parents who question or even criticize what you’re doing. Be prepared to brush off the negative comments and stand up to people who disagree with your choices. Criticism can come from anywhere—family, neighbors, and even strangers. But remember: you know your kids better than anyone else and you know what’s best for them.