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Some kids love history, some hate it, but it is an important part of everyone’s education. Learning from the past helps us make better decisions in the future. Some kids seem to have a problem with history lessons in school because it can feel like memorizing a bunch of names and dates for weeks on end. But history is full of incredible stories and can be very applicable to children when taught correctly. Here are 3 ways you can make homeschool history lessons more fun.


1. Introduce historical fiction at a young age.

Historical fiction is a great way to get kids, especially enthusiastic readers, more interested in history. Book series like The Magic Treehouse and American Girl bring historical events to life in a way that is understandable for younger audiences. If your kid expresses particular interest in a story or time period, take the opportunity to expand on it with further lessons, movies, and books.


2. Visit a history museum.

If there is a history museum within driving distance of your home, jump on the opportunity to take a field trip there. Many history museums are designed with kids in mind, so there will be a lot of hands-on opportunities for them to learn. If it’s possible to visit often, break trips into specific history lessons. If you’re learning about ancient Egpyt, visit the Egyptian section of the museum one morning to discuss mummification and hieroglyphics. If your current curriculum is focused on early America, take them to that section of the museum with some questions in hand to answer along the way. Taking an active approach to history will make it much more engaging than reading from a textbook.


3. Be hands-on.

Ditch the classroom and textbooks as much as possible. Learning about ancient Rome? Make a pizza together and talk about its origins. Discussing the 1920s? Look up your family history and try to find ancestors from that time period. Trips aren’t always financially possible, but if you can afford it, taking your kids to historical sites around the country or the world is perhaps the best and most engaging way to get them interested in history. However you do it, bring history to life by being hands-on.

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