November is National Native American Heritage Month, and children of any age can participate in related activities to kick off the season! No matter what age your children are, there are interactive games and activities that will help them learn more about Native American culture. 

  • Listen to Native American music

Listening to music spans all ages, making this activity a great one for any kid. There are many different ways to find Native American music, most preferably using the resources available through the Smithsonian website. They have a large archive of music available. You can talk with your children about how the music makes them feel, and how they connect to it personally. You can also watch videos of Indigenous people performing their traditional and contemporary musical dances. 

  • Discuss Thanksgiving

This activity can also be catered to any age, and can be as open of a discussion as you want in introducing your children to American and Native American history. You’ll be able to teach your children how indigenous people view and discuss Thanksgiving and the arrival of the Pilgrims. You can plan a whole in-depth lesson around the holiday, or simply have a more open discussion with your kids about Thanksgiving. 

  • Talk About Current Affairs

Teaching your children about Native American history is important, but it’s equally important to talk about Native American people who are helping to change the world today. You can talk about historical figures in the past, but also be sure to talk about Native American activists who are currently inspiring the world. 

  • Read Books Inspired by Native American Culture

Reading is an easy way for people to gain someone else’s perspectives and emotions, especially for children. They can even select the books that appeal to them the most, whether they are written by Native American people or inspired by their journeys. The books can share stories, anecdotes, heritage, history, tribulations, and current issues. It’s a great way for children of any age to be able to connect with the stories they are reading on a more personal level, and treat others better with respect.  

 Katie Kyzivat