It may seem like yesterday when your child was still playing with G.I. Joe’s and wanted to hold your hand when you cross intersections. But in the blink of an eye, your child has grown up and is entering their teenage years. Besides sitting close to each other and looking at your phones, what else is there to do with your teen these days? You may have a free evening here and there throughout the week, and instead of spending it playing video games in their room, you want to stay connected. Here is a list of five evening activities that will be a hit with your teen.

Movie Night

Nothing beats a good old fashioned movie marathon! Whether you have enough time for one or three movies, it doesn’t matter. A great way to connect with your teen is through shared interests, so being able to share favorite movies can strengthen your bond. Let them pick the first movie, and then you can pick something either new or old that you love to watch. They may be unfamiliar with the movies you grew up with, which can give them a better sense of what it was like for you growing up and what technology was available then (hint: barely anything!). And if you both love action movies, or sci-fi, it’ll make picking the movies that much easier. You can even do a trivia night on certain movies, asking them questions about the movie itself or about how it was like living during that time. Just don’t forget the popcorn and candy!

Cooking Time

Nothing beats a good old fashioned homemade meal, and what makes it taste even better is when you have help from your child! Enlisting the help of your teen can be a great way for them to learn some cooking for when they move out on their own, and also to talk and bond while cooking. Find a recipe together to work on, whether it’s a dinner, a side dish, or a dessert. If neither of you are the greatest at cooking, it might be wise to pick an easier meal first and work your way up to something more intricate. Your teen may realize they really love to cook! 

Karaoke Night

If your teen is much more outgoing, then having a night in might sound like a bummer at first. But if the evening activity is karaoke, how can you go wrong? There are plenty of smaller, at home karaoke machines you can purchase online or in store, and set up is easy. You can pick songs that remind you of being a teenager and they can pick their favorite contemporary songs as well. It’s a win-win and tons of fun to sing your heart out. 

Getting Crafty

It can be tricky sometimes finding hands-on activities, but crafts are a great way for your teen to do something fun. You can make bath bombs, paint tumblers, paint your nails and more. You can even paint shoes, which is super easy and a growing trend for teens nowadays. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to do it, and what paints and supplies you’ll need to make some fabulous kicks with your teen! 

Katie Kyzivat