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Summer is just around the corner. Once again our schedules will change. If you’re like my family, you’re probably putting the finishing touches on plans. In the works might be trips to the beach or treks to see family. Maybe you’re counting down the days until you can open the pool or load up the camping gear.

But what if learning needs to be part of the summer plans? Perhaps you have a student who really needs to brush up on their math skills over the summer. Eighth grade math did not come easily for them and now Algebra is just around the corner. Or perhaps you have a student who is really into ancient history at the moment. What’s the best way to fuel this fire over the summer?

Whatever your reasons, if you need to add learning into the summer line up, online learning is the way to go! Here’s why –

Online learning is flexible.

Online learning is completely individualized. Students work at their own pace, starting and stopping each time according when they (or their parents!) intend. They can work at the time of day that best suits them. They can work three days, then take three off.  Online learning can fit any summer schedule.

Online learning is effective.

Online curriculum’s multi-media platforms are engaging and interactive, keeping students moving forward in their learning. Immediate feedback and progress tracking motivates students. And because online learning is entirely individualized, students thrive with the personalized learning experience.

Online learning is portable.

Because you can access online learning anywhere you can access the internet, online learning can be taken anywhere! You don’t have to choose between taking that trip or having Junior getting a jump on high school chemistry; with online learning, you can do both. Even with day-to-day situations, being able to learn from any location is a plus.

Online learning is affordable.

Global Student Network (GSN) offers a special package for summer learningthree months of online learning for one low price. GSN lets families choose from their seven robust online learning programs for students in grades K-12.

Enroll anytime May 15 – July 15 to take advantage of GSN’s summer learning package.