Many homeschool families choose to educate year-round. Just because public schools are out for the summer doesn’t mean your kiddos have to go three months without learning anything new. Here are a few ways you can bring the classroom to the beach. 


Observe the Tides

The ocean’s tides are a fascinating scientific subject. The tide rises and falls based on the gravitational pull of the sun and moon. Teach your children about the tide’s cycles at home and show them pictures of what high and low tide looks like. Then, head to the beach and watch the ocean go from high to low tide in real-time. (Make sure to pack a lunch!) 


Learn About Ocean Animals

All kids love animals. Yours will love hearing about the many different ones that call the ocean home. From sharks and sea turtles to oysters and corals, there are some amazing things to learn about the deep sea. If your beach has tide pools, take your kids on a walk through the area and help them point out the sea life they come across. Just be sure not to touch anything. 


Offer Free Art Time

A sandy beach is basically a free Etch A Sketch. Let your kids use sticks or their hands to create beautiful art pieces before the water washes them away. You can also have them practice spelling words in the sand or even doing math problems if you want to study multiple subjects at once. You’ll be amazed at how much fun they’ll have!


Teach Photography

Handy with a camera? Pass on this life skill to your kids at one of the coolest places to snap photos. Use the horizon to teach principles like the rule of thirds, or keep it simple by letting them snap whatever they want. If you’re worried about your kiddo dropping a camera in the ocean, buy a cheap disposable one that you wouldn’t be devastated to lose to sand or water. You can then use another day to teach your kids about film development when you print out the photos.