Even though homeschooling offers more flexibility than public school, you can still find yourself so busy that there isn’t enough time to do everything in the day. If you’re running to doctor’s appointments, band practice, sports, and church, why not use that time in the car to get some teaching done? Here are a few ways you can effectively (and safely) homeschool in the car. 


Listen to Audiobooks

Books are a fantastic way to teach your children and help them grow their vocabulary. Their favorite children’s books will help them stay engaged and learn new words while nonfiction books can help them progress in their schooling. If your child isn’t staying engaged during the drive, let them choose the book they want to listen to. 


Play the Alphabet Game

This classic road trip game is perfect for homeschooling in the car. To play, have your child point out something they can see that starts with the letter “A.” Once they successfully complete this letter, move on to “B,” then “C,” and so on. This game is a fun way to pass the time and will help your child learn the alphabet. 


Memorize Something

Want your child to learn to recite a poem, Bible verse, or quote from a book? The car is a great place to recite lines and work on memorization. If you have multiple kids, have them go down the line and take turns running through their lines. 


Sing Songs

Music is a powerful tool. The right song can improve your child’s mood, help them grasp new concepts, and make the time go by more quickly. There are many children’s songs that teach learning concepts like the alphabet, geography, colors, shapes, and more. If you’re religious, you can also listen to hymns or spiritual songs to set the tone for the rest of your day. 

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