As the air gets cooler and the days shorter, your heart may realize fall is here before your mind. And whether you are a fan of crisp leaves and apple cider or not, everybody can get into the Fall festive mood. Your children may already be antsy for a break from schoolwork, so pick one or all 5 of our ideas to bring on the Fall season!

1. Visit An Apple Orchard

Grab your hoodies and sweatshirts and head out to the nearest apple orchard to you. They have a plethora of homemade goodies, including pastries, baked goods, apple cider, fresh fruit and veggies, and more. Most orchards also have a pumpkin patch, so pick out some plump pumpkins for carving or simply for adornment on your porch. Most of the activities would be outdoors, limiting your contact with others, which is ideal. Some orchards may have activities going on as well, such as face painting, to hold your younger children’s attention.

2. Gather Leaves

One of the best parts about cooler weather is the falling of the leaves. Nothing beats walking and crunching through a pile of leaves. If you have a lot of trees in your yard, wait until the leaves drop and then get the kids involved in the cleanup. Gathering and raking leaves is a fun activity that kids won’t associate with chores or exercise. Plus, there’s also the fun of running and jumping into a pile of leaves! You can also gather a few well-formed leaves for preservation. Press them into books or preserve them with a glycerin and water mixture. 

3. Preserve & Can Food

If you now have a pantry and kitchen full of fresh veggies and fruit from the apple orchard, why not preserve some of it? If you’ve never tried it or are a pro, involve your children in the process if they are old enough. Making jams, jellies, and pickled foods will help teach your children how to cook and preserve food as well as being a fun activity you can both share. Plus you’ll have plenty of food later on when the days are cold and everyone is craving comfort food. 

4. Teaching Opportunity

Your kids may be curious as to why the leaves are changing color, and why it gets so dark so early. This is a great time to sneak some teaching and learning into life through explaining fall and the equinox to them. You can discuss however much of the fall season your children will comprehend, either while doing one of the activities above or by explaining. Kids are always ready to learn, even outside of the classroom!

5. Backyard Bonfire

Nothing smells more like fall like a bonfire. Whether you make s’mores or roast hot dogs by the flames, getting a nice, roaring fire going is the best. Wait for the temperature to get a little chilly and show your children how to set and light a fire as a good teaching experience as well. 

Katie Kyzivat