Cornacopia image“Why are you thankful for homeschool?”

This was the question recently posed to the homeschool world.  And here are a few of your responses:

A few years ago we learned that our son had a small problem with his immune system. We were told it was linked to his autism in some way but they did not completely understand the problem yet.  There was no treatment for this issue so he would just be sick a lot. We had missed 45 days of school due to illness.  That was just too much so we decided to pull him out and homeschool. Since then, not only has he been so much healthier but also his academic performance has improved astronomically. Watching my son blossom has been such an amazing and rewarding experience and we feel blessed to have been able to do this for our son!  -Martha Neidenberger

My family is thankful for homeschool not only for a better education but when my husband comes home from a deployment we get to have quality family time without worrying about our daughter being left out because of public school days.  – Natasha Shortell

I do count it among my blessings.  I can choose the curriculum I want, the hours we need, the pace my child learns at, etc. Those certainly are blessings! But for me, I have been blessed personally.   Through this process I have changed.  Homeschooling has made me a better person. There are mornings when I wake and I am grumpy, days when I am exhausted, days when everything is going wrong (all at once) and days I lack confidence.  Because I homeschool I have had to work through that.  I have had to lean on the Lord EVERYDAY and every hour to help me through those times.  My relationship with Him continues to grow and my dependence on Him continues to guide us.  My son and my entire family benefit from the fruit of that faith.  Homeschooling has blessed me, personally, and I am truly thankful for it.  –Leah Andrews

We love the opportunity to homeschool our daughter because we have the opportunity to teach her our beliefs and have the flexibility to help others in our church and community.  – Joanne Kissock

Homeschooling my five children means everything to me.  Watching them learn and grow is priceless. I have grades 7, 5, 4, and K5.  I love being able to be a part of their education; that they can study the Bible; that they are safe; and that we don’t have to worry about bullying. We do a lot of hands on learning and they love learning using action.  My children are thankful they are homeschooled as well! We enjoy the time we have together and fun activities we do. We are very grateful for our freedom to homeschool and those who make that possible!  – Tanya Hooks

I am so thankful to be able to homeschool my two kids.  It has been the best thing we have ever done for our kids. There is so much more peace in our home. They rarely fight now and the older one helps her younger brother with his lessons once she is done.  She has so much more patience with him now.  I wish I had made this change years ago!  -Lisa Brown

I adore homeschooling my two kids.   I am thankful God has placed this calling on my life. My children’s spiritual growth and education are the priority in our homeschool.  We study everything through a Biblical world view.  My kids are learning to build relationships with others.  Homeschooling is an amazing journey that has taught me as much as it has my children.   – Angie Baker

What a feast of gratitude!  Thank you for all who shared!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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