After years of wearing a mask, there is tangible progress moving forward. Many states are lifting mask mandates, including for schools, and people are beginning to venture out more and more. Normalcy seems to be returning to everyday life, school, and family, but also begs the question on whether it is truly safe enough, and what our new normal may look like. 

Mask Mandates

Many states are lifting their mask mandates as most citizens are fully vaccinated. There has been a decline in the number of positive Covid-19 cases, and fewer people being hospitalized for serious symptoms. States are lifting mask mandates for schools as well, which can come as a surprise or relief for some parents. As most children can get a vaccination, there is a small percentage of early education aged children who cannot. Children below the age of five still don’t have a vaccine available, so preschool and even some kindergarten-aged children may need to hold off. They can still protect themselves by wearing masks, but their chances of contracting Covid-19 are still relatively high without a vaccine on board. Children above the age of five will most likely be able to attend school without masks, depending on the state you live in. Many school districts are easing up on the regulations and while it seems safe to do so, there is a potential risk for an increase in cases as the warmer months begin. 

Vacations Galore

With state regulations lessening by the day, many people have been waiting for this exact moment. Being cooped up for the better part of two years, most people can’t wait to get out and explore. Taking vacations are a staple in the warmer, summer months, and returning to less mask mandates and rules will make traveling a breeze. Most indoor businesses and establishments are able to lift mask mandates and social distancing, although each state is going to be different. There’s still no issue with continuing to wear a mask if you feel more comfortable doing so. Some businesses may even require them even if the state does not, so be sure to clarify before entering. 

Never an Easy Return

Although there’s still debate on whether restrictions should be lifted, people are itching to return to normalcy and get out into the great outdoors (and indoors) again. Whether you dive right into vacations or dip your toes in, there’s no wrong way to have fun. Normal may never truly return to the normal we once knew, but it can definitely change and morph to the times. Right now we’re in a great spot to work towards the normal we did know, so embrace it however you and your family choose! 

Katie Kyzivat