Yes, it’s that time of the year again – the Oscars! Our society is sure fascinated with awards, aren’t we?! The weeks leading up to the Oscars are filled with speculation and prognostication. The whole world seems abuzz with who will win what and wear what! Immediately after the grand event, the web is teeming with reactions – “No way!” “I knew it!” “Did you see . . . “

Confession: I don’t follow the Oscars. But in its honor and in the honor of those who do follow it so faithfully, I want to host my own award ceremony – the Awards for Best Online Homeschool Programs! I know a bit about online programs as I have taught with an online school now for three years. During that time I’ve become very familiar with a number of online programs. Here are my favorites.

Top Rated Homeschool Programs

Plato Learning wins the award for Mastery-based Learning. “Mastery-based” means students begin each unit of study with a pretest. The pretest assesses what the student already knows and what they need to learn and creates a list of activities accordingly. The result? Efficient learning for grades 6-12.

GradPoint claims the prize for comprehensive learning for grades 6-12. Challenging courses, numerous electives, GradPoint aligns to state and Common Core State Standards delivered on an award-winning, intuitive learning platform.

eDynamic wins for high school electives. Everything from Forensic Science to Digital Photography can be explored with eDynamic.

Odysseyware is the choice for authentic learning grades 3-12. Authentic learning because there are many opportunities for students to submit work for human eyes to view. OdysseyWare is also flexible and effective and packed with compelling content, interactivity, and dynamic audio and video elements which inspire students toward academic achievement.

Ignitia wins the award for Christian, Bible-based curriculum for grades 3-12. Bringing a Christian world view into all subjects and scripture-based lessons, Ignitia is an ideal choice for those looking for an excellent, comprehensive Christian curriculum.

Apex Learning takes home the prize for most rigorous high school courses. Honors and AP courses are available for students looking for a challenge.  Students around the world are successfully using Apex Learning digital curriculum to meet their needs for advanced coursework.

Accelerate wins the award for elementary curriculum for its focus on literacy and hands-on learning. Accelerate Learning offers rich and engaging content designed to engage students grades K-12.  Activities include labs, journals, written assignments, and interactive games.

A+ Courseware is the tried and true for online learning for grades K-12. A+ Courseware for homeschool delivers core curriculum for grades K–12. Aligned with national and state standards, A+ Courseware allows flexibility to personalize a course of study to meet individual student needs.

So there you have it! Any of these options will enable your homeschool student to win an achievement award . . . academic achievement that is! You can find all these award-winning programs at Global Student Network. Visit today! (Black tie optional . . .)