It is that time again; time to shop for pencils, notebooks, backpacks, and fresh clothes. The summer might have flown by, and your kids are already morose thinking about going back into the groove of school. But if you’re thinking it might be time for a few more fun activities, now is the perfect time!

Set Aside the Time

Whether you have a month or a week left to do something fun, there is always time for fun! But the activity you choose will be dependent on your time frame, so think carefully. You won’t want to go on a super long trip if you don’t have much time, as you will return exhausted and then head right back into the school grind once more. But you also do not want to do a quick day trip when school doesn’t start for another few weeks. Brainstorm with the family and see how much adventure everyone wants to pack in!

Long Trips

If you have the time, make a road trip happen! It doesn’t have to be a week-long road trip, but even a visit to a nearby town for a day or two is a nice getaway! Look at a map and see if there is any towns or cities fairly local that you haven’t visited yet, and see if they have any exciting or interesting events or landmarks. A lot of smaller cities will have yearly summer festivals, like a petunia festival, nut festival, and more! It is a great time to check out a neighboring town while also getting a little more bang for your buck!

Short Trips

A lot can be said for short, day trip type activities. There are so many ways you can get out and enjoy the world in a small amount of time. You can visit various national parks, making it a day trip or even shorter, depending on how close they are. You can visit another city’s pool if it is a little nicer or larger; they may just charge you a little extra since you are out of town. Or you can beat the heat by visiting an aquarium or a museum of a neighboring town or your very own, if it has been a while. If you feel like being outdoors, try visiting a zoo, farmer’s market, or even a miniature golf course for a little excitement! 

No matter what you choose to do at the end of summer, make sure to end it with a nice fresh smoothie or ice cream!

Katie Kyzivat