If your kids keep glancing at the calendar, dumbfounded that it is back to school time already, don’t worry, it’s normal. Every summer seems to fly by for parents and children alike, and getting back into that early morning routine can be difficult, let alone for your children going back to school. Even if your kids like to learn, it is still a change, and changes always come with challenges. 

Combat the Blues

If your children are whining and acting morose, make sure to bolster them about the positives of going back to school. It’s hard as a student, learning in the moment, to think about how these skills will translate into the real world. But help your kids realize this! They may think they want to laze about every day, but it gets boring, and at the end of the day, your kids still want to be challenged. Make sure you talk with your kids about what interests them, and try to get as much of their coursework helping them towards that goal, whether it is firsthand knowledge and learning, or continuing to learn to set them up for success in college. If your kid wants to be a scientist when they grow up, then gravitating towards more subjects that are in the math and science field can help get your kid excited about returning to school.

Getting Organized

Equally as important to getting your kids hyped about going back to school, is also getting you and your kids organized and ready to tackle a new routine. It may not seem like a big deal, but being prepared and ready ahead of time, even just to get simple items ready, can make all the difference! Of course, there are times when you are going to run behind or not be on time, and this can’t be avoided. But having a game plan and prepping as much as possible the night before can save you a ton of time in the morning! 

If your children are older, encourage them to pick out their outfits the night before, so they can quickly get dressed and have that out of the way. Prep any school lunches (or your own, for that matter!) ahead of time as well, so you can grab and go. Make sure your children’s backpacks are ready with their necessary books, pens, and any homework they may have (but also make them do it!). And of course, there are going to be times when your kid does not want to wear what they picked the night before, or you forgot to prep lunches, but overall, your days will go a lot smoother when you get the start of the day going effortlessly!

Katie Kyzivat