If your children have been homeschooling this past year, you may not have realized how handy a school-issued ID card has been in the past until you don’t have one for your child. The world is your child’s oyster now as the world begins to open up after many adults and teenagers are getting fully vaccinated against Covid. If you think you can’t fully utilize the benefits of a student ID card since your children homeschooled this past year, think again. ID Cards for Homeschool, or IDCH, is here for you! IDCH makes it simple and easy to get a student ID card for your children, and thus, opening up your world of activities. 

Teaching & Learning

Since you are teaching your children while homeschooling, you can and should also have an ID card showing you’re an educator. It’s fast and easy to get a card set up through IDCH. You’ll supply your name, the name of the school, the years you’re teaching at home, and a picture, and the rest will be handled by ID Cards for Homeschool. Having an ID card for your child or children is highly important as well, for multiple reasons. It’s always good to have some sort of identification on hand for your children, in case of the worst. If your children are very young, this is especially important in case they get lost and don’t know how to ask for help. Once your child is old enough, they will need a form of ID to take the SAT exams as well, and a student ID is often the easiest way of securing identification for them. 

The benefits of a student ID card are vast. They provide a proper identification card to your child; in case they need any proof of ID for travel and the like. The other benefits of an ID card are the student discount feature in many businesses and stores. Anywhere from book stores, arts and crafts stores, sporting good stores, musical stores and many more offer student and educator discounts upon showing your IDs. Other places like musical events and museums may even offer a membership discount for students and educators for the entire year, so it’s always important to have a form of ID for you and your child. 

What You’ll Need

For your child’s student card, ID Cards for Homeschool will need their name, the name of their school, school year date, their grade level, a photo of your child and the city and state, which is optional. You don’t want to include any more personal information than that, such as addresses, birthdates, or phone numbers. IDCH offers multiple styles of cards for both educators and students, so pick you ones you like the best to continue. The cards are the same size and thickness of traditional credit cards, making them easy to fit in any wallet or bag.    

Get Started Today!

With so many great benefits to having an educator and student ID, don’t wait another minute! ID Cards for Homeschool is here to help you get started and to get your cards quickly and accurately so you can start enjoying all the benefits today!


ID Cards for Homeschool (https://www.idcardsforhomeschool.com/) is an initiative program that allows you to build a custom ID card for you and your homeschooling child/children. It is recommended by law enforcement that your child has some form of ID in case of emergencies. On top of a student ID card, homeschooling parents are considered educators. Because of this, parents should have documentation that identifies them as such, for several beneficial reasons.


Katie Kyzivat