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It’s almost summertime again!  Time for parents of school-age kids to start thinking about creating an array of fun, safe, healthy and educational “to do” lists to keep those kids happy and engaged.  Parents of school-age children consistently report that the summer months are difficult in terms of finding productive activities to educate and entertain their children. Summertime learning is always an option, but not all students want to spend their summer vacation “doing school” when they just toughed it out for nine months.

If you’re a parent who wants to homeschool your children, online summer learning might be just the solution you need!  Online learning in the summer months offers many benefits, including:

  • Variety Anything your child wants to study, from learning how to bake a cake to lessons about current scientific advancements can be found through online curriculum programs.
  • Flexible Scheduling Your kids don’t have to force themselves out of bed at zero dark thirty, get dressed, and report to a summer program. They can actually stay in their jammies all day if they want to (if you’re willing to tolerate all-day PJ parties) and still get all the educational benefits. No need to miss important family activities – kids can have learning time around personal activities. Your child can schedule their study time around the rest of the day, rather than having summer homeschool occupy all of their coveted vacation time.  Students can work at whatever time represents their peak activity capacity.
  • One of the really great things about online learning is that even the most basic online course will require your child to learn new computer skills as they learn to navigate related learning management systems and programs.
  • It is possible that your high school student will be able to earn college credits online while still having a great time on summer vacation!

Limited Online Summer Learning Deal with GSN

For a limited time (enroll between May 15 and July 15), Global Student Network (GSN) is offering three months of learning for one low price. Your choice of:

  • What curriculum your student will use
  • When your student will start
  • Your student’s learning schedule

Learn more about summer learning with GSN today!