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GSN Homeschool Spotlight

What is your homeschool story? What brought you to homeschooling? 

When my now 13-year-old daughter started kindergarten is when our homeschool journey started. She was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder at 3 and had severe anxiety around people. Noises and lights were horrible for her to endure. As a parent, I just could not figure out how she would survive a day in public school with so many people and noises. One day I saw in the newspaper an ad about a cottage school that assisted homeschooled kids two days a week. I did some research and prayed about homeschooling. Then I visited the cottage school and she was accepted. This began our homeschool journey. Three days a week she was at home with me where I taught the core subjects then two days a week she went to the cottage school. She stayed at that school through 6th grade. This year we began our new total homeschool journey.


 What is your “typical” homeschool day like?

I have a 13-year-old and 8-year-old who are homeschooled. We are using the Ignitia program through Global Student Network for the13-year-old and I use a different homeschool program for the 8 year since the Ignitia program starts for third grade. So after getting breakfast completed, we begin our day with some quiet time with their Bible devotional book. After that, the 13 year old begins her work on the computer and I sit down to teach the 8 year old. We will take some movement breaks and typically are done by lunch or early afternoon. It depends on if something has been challenging to learn. We also do science experiments together as a group. We had really enjoyed learning how bones absorb calcium. We sometimes attend field trips to see theatrical plays at our local theatre. We also attend Homeschool Days at different gyms and fun-zones in our community several times a month.


Why did you choose to use curriculum from Global Student Network (GSN)?

I really was looking for a Christian program that was affordable and that I would not have to be “in charge” of teaching math every day. So many other programs weren’t in the budget and neither was private Christian schooling. One day I saw GSN on the internet and I called the number to get more info. I was so impressed with the information provided to me I just felt like this was the perfect fit. We sometimes travel with my husband for his work and this seemed like a great way to keep up with school work and travel too!


What courseware are you using and how does it fit into your homeschool endeavor?

We use the Ignitia like I mentioned before. We chose this because we are a faith believing family and we wanted our children to learn through a biblical lens. I love that she learns about God in her studies daily.


Any advice for a family exploring homeschooling possibilities?

I highly recommend GSN and do recommend it to our homeschool friends all the time. I think the curriculum is excellent. I know my daughter is learning a lot. It was a bit of a learning curve on the technical aspect for me on how the program worked but after a few calls for some technical support and answers to my many questions, it has turned into a fairly easily used program.


Thank you, Berit, Bella, and Caren for sharing your homeschool story! J 

Ignitia is just one of many curriculum programs GSN has to offer.

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