In today’s world, it can be increasingly difficult instilling the more important traits and behaviors you may want for your child. Of course, every kid is different and should be able to express themselves however they want. But you’ll want to show them certain ways of life, such as compassion, responsibility, and confidence so they can make their own path in this world. How do you go about this? What’s the best way and the easiest way of showing your kids what’s important in life? 

Start by Showing

Hopefully you’ve already been showing your child a lot the basics through your own actions. Kids are constantly watching and learning from everyone around them, whether that information is good or bad can be up to your own actions. The way you handle everyday tasks, conversations, and your own responsibilities will show forth to your children, and they’ll learn the easiest through what they see every day. Strive to be the person you hope your children will become by showing them how to be confident in certain situations, whether they be small or large. Anything from a mistake on some paperwork to needing to address an issue with a co-worker or friend can be good ways to show your child how to interact positively. Talk to your children about how to handle and deal with the anxiety or pressure that comes along with having to address these issues, and how to best overcome them as well. If your children are older, give them tips and tricks on how to remain calm yet assertive on what they would like to see happen in this situation. 

Compromising is always a good trait to let your children learn as well. Not everything is going to work out the way they want, and confidence can only get you so far in life. Sometimes the best (or only) option is to compromise on a decision, and letting them know that’s okay or sometimes necessary is good. Give them some pointers on when to compromise, and how to figure out the best-case scenario for both parties involved, not just for themselves. 

Knowing Your Child

Confidence is not a catch-all or easily attained for every child, however. For the shy and demur children in the world, developing their confidence can be very stressful and difficult. Don’t be forceful on your children that aren’t naturally confident, as this will most likely have the opposite effect. You want to nurture any level of confidence they may already have, and build it slowly so that they can feel confident enough to speak their mind on whatever the situation brings. 

Giving your child space to learn and focus these skills will help them feel more confident overall. This will only foster and grow that level of confidence they may need in the real world, and help them prepare for success.   

Katie Kyzivat