Towards the end of this month we celebrate Earth Day, a great way to learn and appreciate everything this planet has provided us with. Whether your children are young or old, there are plenty of ways to help them show their appreciation of this glorious green Earth. 


First of all, how much do your children really know about the planet they live on? Now is a great time to give them an overview of Earth’s history. Give them a run down of how much the planet has changed since it was first formed – for example, how the deserts were once filled with water! Talk to them about how much the foundation has changed not only from the Earth forming and reforming over the years, but also about what changes have come about from human processes as well. It may be an eye-opening experience for them to learn a little more about this blue and green planet we call home!


Celebrating all that the Earth has become can be anything you want! Young or old, you and your children can spend the day cleaning up your local park or other community hang out. You can get a group together to help make the work lighter, or to even visit multiple locations that may need a cleanup. If you are near an ocean or other body of water, they may also be in need of a trash day cleaning. Your community may also have fun projects and activities as well, so be on the look out!

You can spend the day in your own backyard even, planting flowers that attract bees and other pollinators to help the Earth thrive. Or plant fruits and vegetables that may get nibbled on by passing wildlife. Your neighborhood may even have a community garden, which you can rent out a plot for your family or help prepare the other plots for other individuals’ use. 

Anyway you can get outside, enjoy the sunshine, and help make this planet shine a little brighter is a surefire way to celebrate Earth Day like a rockstar!

Katie Kyzivat