With the season change right around the corner, Fall is approaching! And while not everyone is excited to trade in popsicles and pool parties for sweaters and pumpkin spice, it’s still time to celebrate the newness of another season approaching. If you’re feeling uninspired on what to do this Fall season, look no further!

Warm Apple Cider

Nothing beats making some homemade apple cider! You can visit a local apple orchard to get the freshest picked apples around! Take it the extra mile by researching a few apple varieties to pick the right type for your tastebuds. You can include your kids in the prep work and making of the cider, then pick a cool night to make a bonfire and enjoy your cider like a pro! 

To kick up the snacking possibilities, you can even make fresh caramel apples too. Either make or buy the caramel sauce and have your kids dip and decorate the exterior with a variety of treats, including peanuts, cashews, sprinkles, chopped cherries, and more! 

Make a Scarecrow

You may not really need a scarecrow, but making one sure is fun! Get a bale or two of hay, and find some old clothing of yours or another adult, usually a pair of jeans and a button-up shirt like flannel. Have your kids help you stuff the scarecrow and place him in your front yard as a decoration. You can even paint a face on a pumpkin for the head or use a gourd! 

Bake Pies

If you’re sick of apple cider by now but still have a bushel or two of apples leftover, then it’s baking time! Your children can help you prep the apples and get the pies ready and into the oven. If your children are a little on the young side, this is the perfect way to show them how food can become multiple meals and desserts! You can also make turnovers, empanadas and even applesauce if you want to.

If you ran out of apples, then use pumpkins! Making pumpkin pies is just as much fun, and your kids will enjoy getting the pumpkin “guts” out. You can roast the seeds for later use and snacking. You may want to leave a pumpkin or two for your kids to fully decorate with either carving or painting a Jack O’Latern onto its façade. You can get a little practice in before Halloween!  

There are so many different ways to celebrate Fall this season! Make sure to ask your kids what they’re most excited about, and center an activity around their Fall interests too!

Katie Kyzivat