Today’s world is changing by the minute, and this includes people too. We are evolving as the world changes, dealing with day-to-day challenges and global changes as they come our way. Children are becoming more and more aware of the state of the world, and realizing that they want to contribute to the good of the planet at a younger age. This energy and action can help them build a brighter and bigger future for themselves without even knowing it, but you can help fuel their fire!

Grassroots Efforts

You may be thinking back to when you were a child and how simpler of a time it was; you weren’t concerned with global affairs, hatred, violence, and the like. Of course, almost every generation has catastrophes and war in some shape or form. But a lot of older generations didn’t realize the impact of some of our actions on the planet, and how our increasing population could cause some problems too. We were busy playing outside, playing video games, football, soccer, whatever it was that brought us joy. We may not have been as privy to what our actions would do to the future as today’s children are aware of.  Children today are learning about global warming and even seeing some of the changes firsthand. They are seeing pollution and other instances of neglect to our own planet, and are seeking change to try and improve what we can. These grassroot efforts are leading to a better, kinder world that may see some positive changes in the coming years.

Helping Your Child Succeed

For many parents, you may wonder how you can help nurture these grassroot efforts in your own child. Whether they’re already expressing an interest or not, it can always be a great opportunity to bond with your child and help them see what they’re interested in. You can volunteer at environmentally conscious organizations and groups, or cater to more of what your child is interested in, such as math and science. There are multiple facets of helping the world that can involve a myriad array of subjects and skills. Being able to do the hands-on work of helping the planet can help your child see the impact they can have on today and tomorrow’s planet, and set them up for success in a potential future career. If they are learning about the changing of planet Earth through science, they may then want to explore a career as a scientist, or marine biologist. Playing to your child’s strengths can also help your child figure out what they want to do in the future, and can guide you on how to prepare them. has a complete list of support groups to help support you in your homeschooling endeavors and connect with homeschoolers near you.   You can search the list of support groups here:

Katie Kyzivat