Accelerate offers rich, engaging standards-based courses for students in grades K-12.  Students are engaged in a variety of activities and assessment including, labs, journals, written assignments, discussions, and written exams.  Students can delve into a variety of interests through Accelerate’ s CTE, elective, and world language course offerings.  Accelerate has a strong focus on literacy for the earlier grades.  Reading aloud, building vocabulary, independent reading experience, writing skills, and speaking and listening practice are the tools Accelerate uses to build strong learners.  While content is delivered through an online platform, hands-on opportunities are also a part of the courses in the early grades which require activities to be printed.  Also, some courses require additional materials that are usually found around your home.  A materials list is provided below.

  • Aligned to national and state standards
  • Task list of assignments due each day
  • Text to speech
  • Audio and text translations in multiple languages
  • Easy to use grade book
  • Honors and AP level courses

Materials List (PDFs)


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