It may seem difficult some days trying to figure out fun activities for you and your teen at home. When the holidays roll around, it can sometimes become even trickier making sure it’s an activity that can hold your teen’s attention and be enjoyable. But these Easter crafts are egg-cellent for any teen!

Egg-related Activities

Of course, with it being Easter, you will want to paint some amazing eggs with your teen. There are all kinds of colors and patterns you can color them, depending on what your tweens or teens have in mind. They’ll be able to paint and add more details than younger children, so make sure you have plenty of thinner, more detail-oriented supplies. Think about pens or smaller, thinner paintbrushes for writing letters, numbers, and emojis. There may be stencils available in craft stores that you can use to help paint letters and numbers too! Different colored patterns are available online to make super neat eggs, such as galaxy themed, which can vary with the different colors you use and how long the eggs sit in the dye. 

Getting Crafty

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Easter crafts! You can make cute little Easter bunnies out of pom poms, wool/fabric and fake eyes. You can make these with younger children as well! You can make paper dimensional rabbits and eggs using colored paper stock and directions online. You can use them as decorations for your home as well after making! You’ll want an assortment of bright, spring colors along with white, and some glue – that’s it! You can also use those leftover eggs from painting and dyeing and use them for egg pinatas! Buy some streamers in bright colors and cut them up into small strips, then attach to the eggs to create cute hanging egg pinatas! 

If you have a lot of old mismatched socks lying around, you can turn those socks into bunnies! All you’d need is some pieces of cute string to make the neckerchief and ears. You can make egg-shaped bath bombs pretty easily at home too! You’ll need some wet and dry ingredients, like baking soda, Epsom salts, citric acid and essential oils. By adding food coloring to some of the mixtures, you can create a beautiful bath bomb for Easter gifts! If you have old mason jars lying around, you can also have your teens paint and decorate them for fun. You can use them for gift giving, holding flowers, or even part of an Easter egg hunt later on! 

It’s easier getting crafts together for teens than you may think. Just remember to keep the activities fairly short but highly creative, so your teens are fully engaged and really get into the projects! 

Katie Kyzivat