Are your younger children already itching to make some spooky decorations and crafts? There are plenty of crafts and projects that require little to no prep time, and few necessities to get going! So no matter what time of day, you will be prepared to get the spooky season started with your children the right way!

DIY Candy Bags

One easy and simple craft you can make with your kids is designing and creating their own candy bags! Instead of buying ones at a store, get crafty instead! You can use an old shopping bag, old pillowcase or even an old purse to create the perfect candy bag for Trick-O-Treating! You can use any kind of craft supplies at home, too, including glitter, paint for writing ‘Happy Halloween’ or ‘Trick or Treat’, stickers, and more! You can also buy any specific spooky favorites too, including pumpkins, ghosts, and witches. You can also try your artsy hand at drawing them yourself onto the bags! Your kids will have a blast designing the bags and making them unique while they showcase their costume Halloween night!

Luminaries & Pumpkins

Halloween wouldn’t be the same if it did not have pumpkins! Depending on the ages of your kids, you can choose to carve a pumpkin but you can also decorate them however else you want too! You can paint onto them and create any design you or your kids want, as well as dressing up your pumpkins in their own costumes! You can use face masks, glitter, and old fabric to create little dresses, suits, and whatever else your kids would like their pumpkins to be. 

If you decide to go a less traditional route with your pumpkins but still want something alight, then spend another weekend with the kids making Halloween luminaries. These can be as complex or as simple as you would like. You can use regular paper or heavier, construction paper to create cylindrical luminaries, and use fake lights or candles to keep them glowing bright. Your kids can make scary faces on them, or monsters, witches, robots, and more! You can use dark-colored markers or Sharpies to really make the faces or designs stand out. 

Paper Crafts

And let us not forget the power of paper crafts – construction paper is a parent’s best friend! Especially for Halloween, there is a plethora of spooky opportunities with construction paper. You can make spider webs, spiders, pumpkins, ghosts, black cats, and of course, bats! You can rely on your artistic skills or even find stencils to make sure you get the shapes down just right. Then your kids can decorate to their heart’s content! They can use googly eyes to make them less scary, or make them as scary as they want. And when your kids are done decorating, you can tape them to virtually anything in your house, so your home can be extra spooky come Halloween night!

Katie Kyzivat