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Dear Full-time parents who happen to work full time as well, I know this isn’t easy for you.

The challenges you’re facing right now with working full-time and transitioning yourself to homeschool.

The best way to juggle this is by planning it out for not only for you but also for your child as well. Planning a schedule for yourself as you work and teach your child through homeschool will be a benefit to you.

Consider planning times out for things that you’ll have to do if you’re working at home and also teaching homeschool at home. Plan your work time around the time you’re going to teach your child. When you’re not too busy with work if you’re able to get an assignment in, go for it. If you’re the type that must focus completely on things in order, then see if you can do your workload assignments early or as soon as you can so you’re able to get it out of the way.

See if there’s anyone that you know that would be able to help you with the process of homeschooling while you’re working full time. Family or friends who don’t mind helping you plan assignments out is a lifesaver, especially when they come with their ideas on how to do tasks or on how to get through the process. Other people can help the most when it comes to this because they’re able to provide you with more and help when it comes to the teaching side as well.

As a full-time parent, you would have to think about what time of the day you’ll be teaching your children. As you’re working full time, would you be teaching your children between work, after work, or also during the weekend as most full-time jobs are from 9-5 and are off during the weekend? It’s a process that will be taking a lot to get used to and also to find a comfortable routine that you’re able to maintain, but it’s something that you should consider.

Working full time and being a homeschool teacher are challenges that you’re going to have to face, but it’s something that you’ll be able to do with the right organization plan in mind.

It is essential when it comes down to things like this, that you’ll have to plan it through.

Luckily for us, some apps help with this process, if your child has any electronic devices. Download the organization apps and sign into your account on your child device. That way, you and your child are on the same schedule.

Unfortunately, some things aren’t easy, but with the right plan in mind, you’re able to get through anything. Just keep moving forward, don’t let yourself give up and remember that this is a task that you haven’t overcome, but you will.

I wish you luck on this journey. Look into my other blog post to see if there’s anything else you would like info or help with.

Kassandra Vivu is a Writer, content creator, and published author, she enjoys writing and has a passion for it, but that’s not all she does. She’s working on becoming a Medical Examiner as well. When Kassandra isn’t going to historical or art museums, she is creating art by either painting, sketching, drawing, or making music with her instruments. Kassandra currently lives in South Florida, where she improves on her career and her success.