Summer is just around the corner. Whether you choose to continue your curriculum during the summer months or are just looking for some structure to keep your kids occupied in all their free time, here are some fun activities to try. 

Create a Summer Reading Program

Get your child excited about reading this summer by creating a reading program for them. You can be as creative as you want. Maybe each child gets a small toy after finishing one book or a fun outing after finishing several. While it’s fine to encourage your child to read certain books or subjects during the summer, allow them to choose most of the books they want to read. They’ll be more excited about being a part of the program if they’re actually excited about the content. 


Hit the Pool 

Enjoy the hot weather and take P.E. outside! Swimming is a great form of exercise and will wear your kids out in no time. You can even do double-duty by enrolling them in swimming lessons for their safety (and your peace of mind). Water play can be a part of your science curriculum as well. After a long swimming session, watch some YouTube videos about the scientific properties of water or how its used in the world today. 


Look at the Stars

Summer’s mild nights make it the perfect time for stargazing. Teach your kids a lesson on the solar system and the various constellations in the sky. Then, when it gets dark outside, head to the backyard and have your kids try to point out the stars and constellations they learned about earlier. 

Get Messy with Arts and Crafts

It’s understandable that not many parents are excited to get out finger paints, glue, and glitter indoors. So why not move messy crafts outside? Lay out newspapers on the grass or cement by your house and let your kids get as messy as they want. When they’re all done, just hose them off or let them play in the sprinkler until they’re clean enough to come inside for a real bath.