With summertime coming in full swing this year, that means Father’s Day is right around the corner. Whether your child or children want to create or buy something for the father figure in their lives, it’s a fun way for them to be as creative as they please. If they seem stuck, though, we’ve outlined a few great ideas that you can cater as much as you need to give the Papa Bear in your home a proper celebration.

Getting Crafty

If your children are entering the crafty phase, there’s nothing better than grabbing some construction paper and having them make their own cards. You can use markers, stencils, colored pencils, stickers, glitter, and more to help them create something unique and cute that their father will cherish. They can also make collages using pictures they select from albums, or by printing out pictures from your phone. If your children are older, they can even make cards or bigger decorations using father-inspired materials, like nuts, bolts, sawdust, wood, and more. If your child is into sewing and fabrics, they can make their father an apron or mitts for the barbecue, and hats or scarves for winter time. 

Catered to Their Hobbies

If your father figure is a football enthusiast, your children can make clay ornaments or wall hangings. They can shape them into footballs, paint them, and give it a photo, handprint, or both to add that special touch! These can be made into any shape, if need be, such as golf balls, basketballs, soccer balls, etc. You can also help them make and decorate mugs with a special message to their father. They can collect rocks and paint them, or form a “father figure” from the rocks for a cute gift or card idea with the title of “Dad Rocks” or “You Rock”. You can easily make photo frames or sculptures using salt dough too, and the shape can be anything your child wants to make it their own. You can make tie dye shirts as well, specifically for Dad or for the entire household, with everyone’s name on the back and a cute phrase on the front. 

Build A Gift

Depending on your children’s ages, there’s also the possibility of building something for Dad. It could be a birdhouse of any size, and kept stained but original or painting it with your child too. You can also help your children create wooden or plastic holders for anything your dad enjoys, such as barbecue utensils, golf clubs, swimming or yoga gear, the sky is the limit! If your children are a little on the young side to actually help make something, you can always buy the item in a store and then have your children decorate it as well. 

No matter how you decide to shower your father figure with gifts this year, you’ll know that your children had a blast making them and their father will be thrilled for a lifetime.

   Katie Kyzivat