There are a lot of pros and cons of homeschooling. Pros? You have control over what your children learn. Cons? You have control over what your children learn. Whether you’re following a curriculum or creating your own path, there will be times that you feel you need something different to do. Here are a few ideas to help you out.



Cooking is an important life skill that all kids should learn. Step away from the desk and into the kitchen for a fun morning or afternoon break. Get your kids involved by making their favorite snack, like chocolate chips cookies or nachos. Use each step as an opportunity to teach about the science of cooking. Explain what boiling points are when you heat water to melt chocolate. Or talk about why yeast is necessary for most bread recipes. Your kids will learn fun facts about food science and bond over their favorite foods.

Go for a Walk

Getting outside is a great way to give your kids a break from the normal grind of school. It’s a perfect activity on its own or can be turned into a science activity. Talk about different types of clouds and then have your kids point them out as you stroll around the neighborhood. Or head to the park and discuss the different kinds of flowers and plants you come across.

Arts & Crafts

Put the computer and notebooks away and pull out your arts and crafts bucket. You can turn this into an educational activity or just let your kids relax. Art helps to boost creativity and encourages self-expression, which is crucial for growing minds. Give your kids a variety of mediums to work with until they find something they love. It might be paints, colored pencils, or a few stickers and construction paper. A quick art break can turn a stressful day into a productive and creative one.