With the summer heat only just beginning, it’s time to break out the flip flops and sunscreen! Pool parties are going to be essential this summer, especially with most states seeing record high temperatures. How can you make your pool party stand out though?

Beach Ball Bowling

Of course, most pool parties are going to be centered around the swimming pool and water, right? But even the most energetic kids will need breaks from the water, and what better way to have some fun than with beach ball bowling? The beach ball will obviously serve as the bowling ball. You can use empty plastic bottles and wrap them in pool noodles. You can get the game set up poolside or further away on a lawn, whichever is easiest. You can form teams or have everyone bowl individually, depending on how many kids want to play. You can also up the fun if the game is poolside, and have kids do a cannonball if they get a strike or get gently tossed into the water if they miss the pins completely. 

Squirt Guns

You can always add squirt guns to the party for an added flair. They can be as simple or as elite as you’d like, or your kids would like! There could be teams or every kid for themselves. If you don’t have enough guns, you can always get some water balloons prepped earlier so every kid has a chance to take someone out. If you have a few sprinklers to add to the “battlefield”, the better!  

Dunk Tank

Even if you don’t have a full-blown dunk tank, you can still make something similar. If you have a few buckets available, you can have kids sit on chairs and do a variety of games, and whoever answers or does something incorrectly, gets “dunked” with water.  You can also incorporate water hoses or other “splashable” water toys and accessories if the kids are a little hesitant to get a big bucket over the head. They could get splashed by a hose, or have a water balloon tossed towards them, the possibilities are vast! 

Photo Ops

You may not be able to provide a full-blown photo booth, but you also don’t have to! Get some fun and quirky sunglasses, plastic or paper fans for cooling off, bubbles, and more. You can use some popsicle sticks and card stock and make cute little summer themed signs too. Place everything on a table and voila! Kids can use their own cell phones to take pics and you simply provide some fun items to make it all the more memorable. 

Katie Kyzivat