Nothing sounds more like St. Patrick’s day than four-leaf clovers and rainbows, so here are some fun activities you can do with your children to help celebrate the holiday!

Treasure Hunt

Everyone has heard about the Pot O’ Gold at the end of the rainbow. Although kids may like a pot of gold coins, the next best thing is a pot of chocolate gold coins! You can buy gold-foil wrapped candies at the store or you can put your baking and chocolate-making skills to the test by creating your own, whichever works fine! You can leave a small pile of coins in certain areas of your house and you can even take it to the backyard as long as the weather is cooperating. You can hide the coins really well if your kids are older, or leave them in easier-to-spot locations to help your little ones find them easier. You can even give your kid a little bag with a rainbow on it to collect their coins! 

For an added game, once your children have found all their gold coins, they can then hold a gold coin toss! You can use one of the rainbow baskets they used for collecting, or find a pot and decorate it with rainbows and green glitter. Have your kids stand a certain distance away and try to toss their gold coins into the pot for added fun!

Chase the Leprechaun

Most people know that you have to chase the leprechaun to find the pot of gold to begin with, so why not have a race or chase? If you have a party of children at the home, decide who gets to be the leprechaun first and give them a green jacket, hat or other clothing attire to separate them from the rest of the kids. Give the “leprechaun” a small head start, such as five or ten seconds, then let the other children run after them in a game of tag. This activity is best for the outdoors, such as a park or your own backyard. The kid who “catches” or tags the leprechaun can win a small pot of gold chocolate coins! You can play this game multiple times, and even have each child play the role of the leprechaun so they all get to join in the fun and feel the luck of the Irish!

Katie Kyzivat