Is your family tired of the same four walls at home? Are you ready to do some more traveling this summer but not looking forward to the actual travel part? We have got some fun road trip ideas to keep it interesting no matter how young or old your kids may be! 

I Spy

You probably remember the old days of no TV screens in the back of the car seats, and relying on one’s own imagination during long driving days. And although you can certainly plug your kids into their devices and tablets during the summer road trips, you can always pick out some fun games to play while on the road. Sometimes devices need time to charge, and while they get their batteries back, you can get your kids’ mind set on the landscapes in front of them! You can do a few games of I Spy, as well! And don’t think you have to stick to the old school version of the game, either. Have your kids try to pick out the billboards on the road and read them out loud if they are younger. Have them find anything that’s a certain color, rather than one object like in I Spy. Have them point out anything that is red as you drive, or anything that is a specific shade, like chartreuse or amaranth. This can be an especially fun activity for older kids since it makes the game a little more difficult, while it also teaches them new words!

Bring A Buddy

And no, we do not mean your pets, although they are more than welcome on these road trips! We mean buying or borrowing from a neighbor a lawn gnome! Bring him or her on the trip as a fun way to enjoy even the little stops along the way. Have your kids name the garden gnome and whenever you want, take a selfie with the gnome to highlight the trip. You can take your picture with him or her at your destination, the hotel, the hotel’s pool, even a truck stop! It is really about stopping and appreciating the road and the trip itself, not just where you are going to end up. It can help your kids be more aware of their surroundings and checking out the landscapes since they are thinking about future picture opportunities with the gnome. 

No matter how you spend your road trip, it will surely be more fun with a garden gnome!

Katie Kyzivat