Summer is here! While long days and extended free time is fun, it is still important to keep a basic schedule during the day. If you don’t want to set a strict schedule, consider setting daily goals about what you want to accomplish. Here is an idea for a fun weekday summer schedule. 


Mindful Monday

Start the week off by grounding yourself and helping your kids prepare for the week ahead. Play some soft music or child-friendly meditations in the morning. After some quiet time, have your kids write down their goals for the week. These can be things like “read two picture books,” “clean my room,” “learn how to make cookies,” or “go on a walk with mom.” 


Tasty Tuesday

Make Tuesdays all about food! Learning to cook and developing a healthy relationship with food are two important life skills that all children need to learn. You may want to schedule your grocery shopping trips for this day and take your kids with you. Let them pick out one or two healthy food they’re excited about eating. Encourage them to help you in the kitchen while you make lunch or dinner as well. 


Water Wednesday

Take advantage of the summer heat by planning a water-based activity every Wednesday. Go to the pool, lake, or beach and camp out for the afternoon. If you don’t have anywhere to go, play with a sprinkler or water guns in the backyard. There’s only one rule for this day: you must get wet!


Thinking Thursday

This day of the week can be used for your kids to stay caught up with their schoolwork. You can use games, educational shows, printables, books, or whatever else you can think of to make learning fun for your kiddos. This will help prevent a summer slump and make sure they’re ready to dive back into your homeschool program when you start up again in the late summer or fall. 


Fearless Friday

Dedicate Friday to giving your kids an opportunity to try things they may be hesitant about. You may schedule swimming lessons on this day if your child is wary of the water. Or it can be a day to encourage your picky eater to try a new food. When approaching any activity on this day, remind your kids that it’s a day to be fearless.