If you’re beginning the homeschooling journey with your children this coming school year, congratulations! Making the choice in switching to online learning may seem a little scary, but you’ve got all the resources and tools you need with Global Student Network. Our fully accredited, comprehensive curriculum will keep your children on task and learning exactly what they need to succeed. 

Your Own Homework

One area that may be unfamiliar to you in the homeschooling world is record keeping. Every state is different in what they require of schooling at home, and you should verify what you need to keep track of and specifically teach your children, if anything. Knowing what you may need to retain for future records will help you stay on top of your child’s learning. This will also help you determine the best courses for each year for your children, and what they will and won’t need. At the very least, your child will need some sort of transcript of their coursework throughout the years in order to apply for colleges and universities once the time comes. Being prepared and organized will go a long way for your education journey, and Global Student Network can help you keep track of all this vital information.

Homeschooling Records

Even if you are aware of what records you need to keep, it can be a difficult process in trying to format the necessary paperwork and keep it properly organized. With Global Student Network, you will have access to a private family account, where you can continue to track your children’s progress throughout the years easily and efficiently. This Homeschool Portfolio Kit gives you access to templates and other organizing tools, allowing you to add the classes your children take, including the ability to calculate their GPAs, show cumulative credits, and print transcripts and report cards. You can also keep detailed student activity reports, along with copies of completed assignments, and test scores and grades. 

Get Started Today!

 The easiest and most efficient way of keeping track of your children’s school curriculum is through a program such as Global Student Network’s Homeschool Portfolio Kit. This allows you the ease of entering in simple data while establishing more elaborate records of grades, GPA, and overall accomplishments for later use. Put your mind at ease with the record keeping resources you need for your family. What better way to help your children succeed in the real world than to have all their records in one, convenient location? Get started today!

Since 2004, Global Student Network has been a leader in providing innovative online curriculum to homeschooling families and partnering schools throughout the world.  GSN offers a wide range of online curriculum options.  We have over 2000 course offerings including Honors, AP®, World Languages, and Career and Technical Education courses.  Our program has been used by homeschool families as well as public, private, and charter schools, both nationally and internationally.  Learn more about or try a demo of GSN’s curriculum here: https://globalstudentnetwork.com/curriculum

Katie Kyzivat