National School Choice Week (NSCW) is January 21-28, 2018. According to NSCW’s site,͞   NSCW is now the world’s largest annual celebration of opportunity in education. During this week, there are events to raise awareness and celebrate the many options available to families such as traditional public school, charter schools, private schools, online schools, and homeschooling.

NSCW has been working to highlight school choice since 2011. Global Student Network (GSN) has been providing online educational choices since 2004.GSN

Homeschool Choices

Homeschool families appreciate GSN’s many curriculum choices offered from one location. They also appreciate the mix-and-match grade level possibilities. For example, if my student is reading at a fifth-grade level but needs third-grade level math, I can seamlessly provide classes for both grade level needs. Because families can enroll at any time, they have the ultimate choice about their homeschool schedule. Competitive pricing is another reason families choose GSN.