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Apex Learning, a proven high school curriculum for honors and AP (Advanced Placement) courses, is bringing its robust online learning to middle school. The vision for Apex middle school courseware is to fully prepare the student to be successful in ninth grade. Data indicates that a successful ninth grade year (GPA greater than 2.5 and passing Algebra 1) is more likely to graduate from high school. Similarly, many who did not finish high school note that they did not feel prepared for high school when they began.

To this end, Apex has created a full complement of courses for middle school in the four core subject areas – Math, English, History, and Science. Standards-based general studies courses meet the needs of a range of students. In addition to providing challenging learning, Apex courses also provide learning structures for students who could benefit from additional support.  Each semester course offers 70-90 hours of interactive direct instruction, guided practice and a variety of diagnostic assessment tools for teachers and parents.

Apex Demo

If you would like to see Apex in action, take a look at our demo. When you look at the demo, be sure to notice how the courses are laid out and what activities are involved. You will see the lessons, quizzes, tests, and teacher-graded practice activities.  Also, be sure to familiarize yourself with the student dashboard and its helpful features. Decide for yourself if Apex is the right fit for your middle school student.

Other Options

Apex is just one of several online learning options offered by Global Student Network (GSN). If Apex is not the best fit for your student, take a look at the other curricula provided by GSN. All of GSN curriculum options are mastery-based, individualized programs.  Engaging content is delivered on multi-media platforms, keeping the student motivated and moving forward.

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