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Dear Families,

Hopefully you’ll be sharing a meal with loved ones and thinking thankful thoughts in the coming days. At Global Student Network, we want you to know we are thankful for YOU, our current and future customers. Here is why.

YOU confirmed our quest to bring quality online curriculum to homeschool families and schools. We thought you would want robust personalized learning where students could work at their own pace. We hoped we might play a part in improving and customizing educational experiences one student at a time.  Thank you for letting us come alongside you to make that a reality.

YOU inspired us to constantly look for the best online curriculum to add to our collection. We are proud of the range and variety of curriculum we curate for our students. We have gathered curriculum for students in grades k-12 – honors, AP, high school electives, phonics-based learning, common core, non-common core, bible-based, secular – and offer these options from one location. Thank you for letting us know you appreciate our one-stop platform.

The thought of YOUR STUDENTS benefiting from enrolling at any time and working from any location invigorated our company’s mission. We knew early on we wanted to serve our families and students well. To that end, we added a record-keeping system, an academic advisor, and prioritized customer service. Thank you for letting us know we are on the right track.

In short, thank you for your support and encouragement over these past 15 years!

And to show our gratitude, we are giving away four curriculum licenses on December 15. Visit our social media platforms to enter today!

Sincerely yours since 2004,

Global Student Network