Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 12.00.18 PMIt’s that “new pencil” time of year.  Everyone is gearing up.  The notebooks have been purchased, curriculum selected, schedules tweaked.   Plans and goals are as fresh as the smell of the new crayons stacked in the supply closet.

Global Student Network’s  is gearing up too.  And to help your students achieve their goals they are introducing 10 new courses.

Fundamentals of Computer Systems

In today’s world, computer skills are a must.  This course will prepare students with technological, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills necessary to navigate the information age.


Fundamentals of Digital Media

Students grades 9-12 will explore careers in digital and online media, examine ways companies use online media, and study the impact these media have on society in this six-unit course.


Fundamentals of Programming and Software Development

In this course, tech-savvy students grades 9-12 will learn and practice the concepts and skills they need to become tomorrow’s programmers and software developers.


Introduction to Information Support and Services

Exploring potential careers and developing essential customer service skills, students in grades 9-12 will apply their knowledge of hardware and software as they learn how to analyze technical support requests and perform customer service tasks.


Introduction to Information Technology

This introductory, six-unit course provides students grades 9-12 with the knowledge and skills they need to establish a successful career in IT.


Introduction to Network Systems

The fundamental concepts of computer networking systems(various network devices, physical media, network operating systems, and network security) is what students grades 9-12 will learn in this introductory course.


Network System Design

Set your high school students ahead in the world of IT with Ignitia Network System Design. While learning how to identify the needs of both customers and businesses, students develop an understanding of network terminology and fundamentals.


New Applications

Give your students the tools they need to pursue a career in web or application programming with Ignitia New Applications.


Software Development Tools

Teach your students how to design their own software application with Ignitia Software Development Tools.


Keyboarding and Applications

Throughout this semester-long, online elective, students will practice proper keyboarding techniques and learn how to develop marketable job skills, including technical skills, effective communication skills, and productive work habits. Additional topics of study include computer hardware, operating systems, and file management.


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