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You remember Goldilocks, the little girl in the story of the three bears who was only satisfied if something was “just right.” Mama Bear’s chair may have been soft but Goldilocks knew it wasn’t for her. Papa Bear’s bed may have been the biggest, but it wasn’t the right feel for Goldilocks. She knew what she was looking for and only accepted a perfect fit. Goldilocks’ mantra of “just right” is the repetitive literary device in that simple tale.

Goldilocks lives well beyond her time in Chez Ursus as “The Goldilocks Principle” is discussed in a wide range of disciplines from mathematics to engineering to medicine. For example, in economics, a “Goldilocks market” is one that is well balanced between gains and losses. Astrobiologists tell us we live on a “Goldilocks Planet,” a planet just the right distance from a star to sustain life.

Global Student Network Brings Goldilocks Principle to Education

In 2004, Louis and Eva Peduzzi set out to find an educational experience that was “just right” for their own daughter and founded Global Student Network (GSN) as a result. Recognizing the benefits of customized online education, they began to add personnel and courseware systems to their growing network. The vision became to provide online learning resources so homeschooling families and schools could find an alternative to one-size-fits-all education; so each student could find what’s “just right” for their learning style, schedule, season of life, family values.

Building on that foundation, GSN recognized the need for an accredited private school with certified teachers. Hence in 2007 GSN opened International Virtual Learning Academy to offer yet another option for students and families.

GSN’s Goldilocks Legacy

Today, GSN offers “Goldilocks Learning” to students all over the world. With ten online learning programs and thousands of course options, students in grades k-12 can learn at their own pace with an innovative program tailored to their specific needs.

True to GSN’s “just right” legacy, families with GSN choose:

  • Which curriculum their students will use
  • When and where their students will work
  • When their school year will begin and end

GSN strives to bring the very best in online learning to students world-wide. GSN thrives when families find exactly what is “just right” for their students.

Celebrate the GSN Legacy!

In honor of its fifteen years, GSN is giving away fifteen curriculum licenses during its 15 for 15 Anniversary Giveaway. The first in this series of monthly giveaways is a drawing from those who post a picture of their family celebrating a holiday. Here’s how to participate: Post a picture of your family’s favorite holiday tradition on GSN social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Two winners will be selected at random from all who participate on December 15. Winners will be awarded two curriculum licenses. One license for personal use and one to gift to a student of their choice.