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I couldn’t even tell you the difference between Marvel and DC before I became a mom. But now, thanks to my four sons, I have the low-down on all the superheroes and their alternate identities and their back stories and which villains go with which heroes. Heroes are important to my boys.

And heroes are important to all of us; those amazing everyday heroes who help us through tough times. Whether we’re facing medical or emotional or spiritual or financial nemeses, we need people to come alongside and lend a hand.

Homeschool academics is no different. Sometimes you need someone to help you out. That’s where GSN’s Homeschool Academic Advisor comes in. She would blush and insist this not be published if she knew I was comparing her a hero, comic book or real. But nonetheless, her help is as good as heroic to the homeschool families who need her assistance.

What does a Homeschool Academic Advisor do?

A Homeschool Academic Advisor works with homeschool families to help plan their children’s education. She helps parents compile reports necessary for local requirements. For high school students, she can help plan what classes need to be taken to fulfill graduation requirements.

Our GSN Homeschool Academic Advisor is a certified teacher with extensive experience in online learning. So the bottom line – while she cannot leap buildings in a single bound or show up in her invisible jet, our Homeschool Academic Advisor is someone ready and willing to help you. Your homeschool life will be simpler, more organized, and more focused with a Homeschool Academic Advisor.

You don’t need a Bat Signal to get the help you need!

Your Homeschool Academic Advisor is just a click away!

Find out more about how a Homeschool Academic Advisor can help you!


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