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Global Student Network (GSN) has provided excellent online curriculum options for homeschool families since 2004. Here is how one family uses GSN in their homeschool.


What brought you to homeschooling?

We were alerted that our son Trevor was a highly gifted child early on,
but my husband and I had no reference to whether or not our public school system could meet his needs.  We assumed so since there are ample programs and funding for children that need extra help or resources on the other end of the spectrum.  Our small town in Arizona had nothing in place to offer for gifted children expect an additional hour per day of extra activities.  Trevor was skipped three grades forward in his elementary school, and when the suggestion came to skip yet another grade, I began my journey as a homeschooling mom! 


What is a “typical” day for you?

We begin our day after Trevor has done his morning chores (feeding pets, breakfast, etc.) and start school at 8:30.  I have a weekday chart that I fill in with the courses we will do for the day.  For example:


  1. English Literature 
  2. Philosophy 
  3. Leadership Studies 
  4. Physics 
  5. Russian  


P.E. Class on the Island… Diving the Reef!


We have a mix of online courses from Global Student Network and subjects that I supplement and teach on my own, such as Leadership Studies (Genghis Khan, Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King, Napoleon, etc.), World Chef, Presenting, Snorkeling for Physical Education, as we live on an island off Belize!




What has surprised you about homeschooling?

Honestly, I was surprised how natural it feels for our family to homeschool, and how strange and disconnected, a regular public school now seems! 


After School Fun!

What is your favorite homeschool moment or memory?

One great memory was when our family was in New Zealand two years ago and Trevor decided to do a presentation on fly fishing – which led to fly fishing on a gorgeous river. It was a great learning experience as well as a really fun and unforgettable day. 



Why did you choose online curriculum from Global Student Network (GSN)?

I chose Global Student Network for many reasons.  The staff is readily available to assist and I am on a first name basis with a few, as I do have questions even after five years with GSN.  Also, it is very affordable.  Educating our kids shouldn’t be crazy expensive in my opinion – it should work and work well.  I have recommended GSN to many friends; in fact, we have four families here on our small island that all use GSN for their kids, too. 


Please explain how GSN curriculum fits into your homeschool plan. How do you use it?

I know which courses my son needs in order to check off all boxes for a university.  In addition, I know where his interests and abilities lie, so I appreciate the ability to mix and match grade levels along with being able to do it at OUR pace! 


What do you like best about GSN curriculum?

It works for my family and Trevor is thriving and happy – though he still complains about school like most kids 😉 


Thank you, Lolly and Trevor, for allowing us a glimpse into your homeschool!


Looking for options for your homeschool?

Global Student Network has many affordable choices!