Every year it may seem harder and harder to find appropriate Halloween costumes for your children. Either they reveal too much, are too gruesome, or simply not worth the price. But with a little grit and supplies, you can easily make a costume for your child that you both can enjoy!

What’s Popular in 2022?

With ever-changing trends, it can be difficult to figure out a costume for your kid without it becoming too old too fast. There are some costume ideas that will most likely stay in fashion throughout the year, giving you a chance to make something with plenty of time to spare. One such idea is making a glow stick figure! These are gaining in popularity and are super simple to make. 

Buy all black clothing for your child, including a mask or hood so their entire body will be in black. Then purchase glowsticks in whatever color your child desires, and glue the sticks to the clothing to make a stick figure shape once the clothing is on. You can choose to create a face or not, giving it eyes, a mouth, and even a nose. Your child will enjoy the creativity and brightness of the costume and you’ll enjoy its simplicity!

Of course, Unicorns

Another popular costume for any child is a unicorn! These costumes are super versatile as you can create a costume in a variety of ways. You can go for a more traditional unicorn costume where your child is more horse-shaped, or find the primary pieces necessary for the costume, like a tail, ears and horn, then select some of their brightest colored clothing to keep with the theme. If they even have a rainbow shirt or tie-dye pants, the better! You can make this costume as unique as your child! 

If your child wants to do something spookier, you can’t go wrong with a werewolf or vampire. These tried-and-true costume ideas can also be as intricate or as simple as you want. If your kid is a wiggle worm, then keeping the costume to the basics can give them plenty of flexibility. If your child is a little older and wants more details, then you can get really flashy with sharp fangs, dripping blood, and more! 


To dip into more of the supernatural world, you could go with a witch, skeleton, or alien! Every costume can be as literal or figurative as you and your child want, too! You can go with a more traditional witch costume, with the pointy hat, dress, and broomstick, or you can get creative on the details. The same goes for an alien or a skeleton. You can even make a glow skeleton if you’re really ambitious! 

Stay Spooky!

Katie Kyzivat