With everyone’s hectic schedule only increasing, it may be getting harder and harder to find time to cook healthy meals. And it doesn’t help when every person wants something different for dinner, either. Whether you want to try out a diet for ease of cooking one simple meal or if one of your family members would benefit from a diet change, there are so many options to explore and try!

Gluten Free

Although this diet isn’t the easiest to try and stick to, it does have a lot of great health benefits. Many people don’t realize how many carbs and bread they consume in a day, and eliminating those heavy breads and most starches can really help your digestive tract. Most people will need to be on this diet as their body doesn’t tolerate gluten, which is found mostly in bread. Anything with grains will most likely contain gluten, and it’s best to check ingredient labels if your family member is severely intolerant. Sometimes foods will contain random ingredients you wouldn’t think are included. 


Many people seek a vegan or vegetarian diet for the animal welfare aspect, although it’s also a great diet for people seeking a healthier lifestyle. A vegetarian diet consists of not eating any animals but eating their by-products, such as eggs and milk. A vegan diet abstains from eating animals and their by-products, including honey in most circumstances. Although it can be tricky eating out or more processed foods on a vegan diet, it’s definitely a lot healthier in the long run. Most vegans will simply eat whole foods, which is generally healthier for you as you’re getting direct nutrients from the food themselves. There are many different pre-packaged vegan foods out there, though, and more restaurants opening up with vegan options that can make it a little less healthy, depending on how often you eat out. 


Another diet that’s gaining attention is the Mediterranean diet. It’s sometimes seen less as a diet as a lifestyle, which could describe the other two diets above. The Mediterranean focuses on whole foods as well, but with varying or differing foods that can be incorporated into family eating much easier. These foods include whole grains, fruits, non-starchy vegetables, seafood, beans, and healthy fats. This diet is great as it’s also centered around a healthy get together just as much as the food itself, encouraging families to gather for the meal and spend time together.  

If you’re looking for a diet or healthier lifestyle that can help your family eat healthier and spend time together, give one (or all!) of these diets a try!

Katie Kyzivat