Spring means more time outdoors for your kids to play. With all that extra running around, they’re going to need nutritious snacks to keep them fueled up throughout the day. Here are a few fun, healthy Spring snacks that your kids will love. 


Fruit Cup Birds

This idea is super simple and requires no cooking! All you need is some storebought fruit cups (opt for versions without added sugar), a black marker, and an orange marker. Pull one of the snack cups from the cardboard packaging and use your orange marker to draw an upside-down triangle in the center of the clear lid. Then, use the black marker to draw two eyes and four legs so that it resembles a bird. That’s it! You have a cute treat that your child will love to get their hands on. 


Carrot Cutie Bag

This is another recipe that takes minimal effort. You’ll need a clear pastry bag or cone-shaped treat bag, orange tissue paper, green tissue paper, green ribbon, and mandarin oranges. To make the treats, first stuff a small amount of orange paper into the bottom of the clear bag that goes to a point. Then, gently put in 2 to 3 mandarin oranges so that they sit on top of each other. 

Fill the remaining bag space with green tissue paper so that it sticks out of the bag slightly. Then, twist the top of the bag shut and tie everything together with your green ribbon. The final product should resemble a carrot and will be a fun way for your child to enjoy a healthy snack. 


Fruit Flower Kabobs

This snack takes a little more prep time but is totally worth the effort. You’ll need wooden skewers, two different types of melon (i.e. watermelon and cantaloupe), green grapes, and small circle cookie cutter, and a small flower cookie cutter. Slice one melon into large chunks that are about ½ inch thick. Then use your circle cookie cutter to cut out as many circles as you can. Cut your other melon in the same large chunks and use your flower cookie cutter to cut out as many flowers as you can. Then use your circle cookie cutter to cut out the centers of each flower. 

To assemble, place a small melon circle inside a different colored melon flower so you get a beautiful flower shape. Stick your wooden skewer through both pieces so that they are securely fastened on the skewer. Then, stick a green grape on the skewer at an angle and push it up until it touches the melon flower to resemble a leaf. And there you have it! A beautiful flower made out of healthy fruit.