Physical fitness is important for growing children. Ideally, children should participate in 60 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity activity every day. As a homeschool parent, it’s your job to give your kids opportunities to be active during the day. Here are a few simple exercises you can do with your kids anywhere.


Jump Rope

Jump rope is a fun way to get your kids up and moving. Give each kid their own rope or pull out some longer ones to play together. You can find fun routines to try online or just hop away. Put on some fast-paced music for extra fun.


When the weather is nice, head outside for a brisk walk. This won’t even feel like exercise and is great for kids who aren’t into traditional workouts. Stroll around the block or head to your local park. It’s also a perfect time to talk about life and bond as a family.


If your kids like a little healthy competition, setting up short races against each other is a great way for them to burn off some energy. Set up a course in your backyard or down the neighborhood street if it’s safe enough. When they’re lined up, yell, “Ready, Set, GO!” and watch them tire themselves out.

Bike Riding

Many kids love bike riding. There’s nothing more relaxing than a bike ride around the neighborhood to break up a long math lesson. Little ones can stick around the driveway while older kids can eventually head off on their own. This is also dependent on the weather so keep your eyes on the forecast in the spring months.



Dancing is a great way to let your kids get silly and burn some energy. Plus, it doesn’t feel like a workout! Put on some fun music and dance around the living room with them. To switch things up, hold a dance contest and have them show off their favorite moves. Or pull up some kid-friendly dance tutorials online and learn a new routine together.