For most, reading can seem like a chore or something to do when you have everything done on your to-do list. But reading can be fun for anyone of any age! And if you want your child to have a love of reading, this can have many positive learning opportunities and make school easier! 

Fostering that Love of Reading

Whether you love to read or not doesn’t play a big factor in your child’s reading skills, although it can affect it. Children follow what we do, and if we never read, even a magazine or a newspaper, they may not develop an interest in reading. Especially when there’s a lot of technology and games vying for their attention! So be sure to foster a love of reading at a young age. They may not remember you reading nursery rhymes to them but as they get a little older and you’re teaching them to read and sound out letters, this can help them get set up for success. 

Spending some devoted time reading together is a great way to continue to build their own love of reading, plus you get to spend some time together! Reading is a valuable tool in comprehension and even in debating, so it’s important for your kids to understand this too. Of course, it also doesn’t mean they can’t have fun with their reading while also learning! 

Create a Space

You can tell and show all the reading you want to your children, but if you don’t help make it accessible and enjoyable, you can bet they won’t do it! Make sure you give your child ample time to read every day, after homework or right before bed. Give them a cushy chair in their room or if they want to read alone, make sure a study or living room is quiet for them. Also, make sure they are getting to select all or at least a few of the books they’re reading to ensure it keeps them entertained. They may want to read a certain genre but feel like they have to read what you suggest. Taking them to the library to pick out a myriad array of books can help! Your child may want to read, but doesn’t feel comfortable for a number of reasons, so make sure you can help them figure it out to continue on their reading journey. 

With these suggestions in mind, your kids will be reading voraciously!

Katie Kyzivat