Okay, parents, it’s time for the Holidays, and you’ve been doing a great job with homeschooling. You genuinely have; pat yourself on the back. With the holidays approaching, the children will want a break from the home school lessons, which is understandable. Even you will seek out a break from being a homeschool teacher. So a break you shall seek and have. Don’t worry; you can still do mini five-minute lessons with your child if you feel as if they’ll fall behind during the break on some stuff. You can even consider giving them a break packet, where they can take five minutes to do each question. Most schools offer their students break assignment packets to do during the break, so they don’t forget the materials they have learned in class and ready to get back into schoolwork.  It is essential to remind yourself that your child/student is on a break, so giving them a thick assignment packet is not necessary and nor do I recommend it. I recommend the five-minute questions during the break to do each day, as it doesn’t take much time from the student and neither does it take time from you. It helps the student remember the lessons covered and help their memories, preparing them for when school starts again. Play little games with them during the holiday, where you hide things around the house that has to do with the holiday and the assignments you have covered during class with them. Ask them if there’s anything that there not comfortable with, let them tell you what they think they need more help with, and take some time to help them with those things during the holiday. A break can be relaxing, but you can also cover items for a couple of minutes during it as well. So, go ahead and take that break, you deserve it, and they deserve it.


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