by Sabrina Smith

Homeschooling is such a unique approach that helps develop students in many ways. There are a few different methods that I used while I was an Applied Behavior Analysis tutor, that helps homeschooling become interesting, informative, and fun all at the same time. Within these different methods, I did notice that my students were receptive, but they each were receptive in their own way of learning. It is important to know that when you are homeschooling, that each student has a unique way of learning. During my duration of being an in-home tutor, I came to realize this rather quickly; before developing a different lesson plan for each student. Below are some techniques and ideas that I used to keep class interesting, fun, and innovative all at the same time.

Informal Learning

The first lesson plan I used was informal learning. This can range from children watching tomatoes grow, field trips, or planting a certain plant and watching it grow over time. This is one lesson I used. My student and I buried plant seeds in the backyard, and we watched to see how long it would take to grow. When it finally grew, we took notes on how long it took to grow, the color of the plant, and how tall the plant was. This lesson plan was great, and it helped me and my student connect, not only indoors but outside as well.

Structured Learning

The next homeschooling method I used was a couple of hours of structured learning. This is where I pulled out flashcards and other study material, to help me guide the student along. Within this structured learning, I would have my student repeat back the words on the flashcards and do some reading and writing. Sometimes my student would get frustrated during the flashcard portion of the lesson because he would get some of the answers wrong, but I made sure I was patient with him.

Unit Approach

I also used the unit approach. The unit approach is when different subjects such as science, math, history, and geography are studied in relation to one single topic. This only worked with one of my students, while my other students preferred informal learning and structured learning.

Overall, you will find what teaching method works for you and your student. As I mentioned, it is important to get to know your student’s personality in terms of their learning style, whether it is your child or your teaching someone else’s child. Homeschooling is an adventure, but this adventure is one that develops you as a teacher, and the learning milestones is so rewarding for both you and your student.


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