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Homeschooling to save lives is now a thing, yes, you’ve read that right with everything that has been going on with the virus and the positive test results that have been skyrocketing. Parents have been debating on sending their kids back to school when the school board comes with the decision to open school again. This is something that does need a lot of thought, and although the school boards all around the country are claiming that they have thought this through. As a parent, this is something that needs all your consideration and thoughts, especially when it comes to the wellbeing of your children and the people that will be around them. So, this is where you consider the homeschooling process that you have been doing with your child. Changing part-time to full time, with everything that has been going on, it might seem and sound overwhelming. So, join me in this discussion, as I talk about it, with some little humor.

Here are some reasons that you should think of continuing the homeschool journey with your child during this pandemic. The pandemic isn’t over; the number of people who are getting symptoms and are being placed in hospitals has risen as well. So, it’s not safe to send your children to school, where many people will be there as well. Not to only mention that, but if your kids get sick quickly, and you’ve noticed they’ve been better while being at home. This is something you should consider.

Also, let’s be honest. Children don’t always follow the rules. I’m sure you’ve had to have many discussions with your kids about why they shouldn’t say or do something. So, do we believe the kids are going to stay 6 feet apart from each other and not run off and hug their friends? The same friends they haven’t seen in months and miss them? Think about it, is your grade school kid going to stay 6 feet apart from their best friend that they haven’t seen since the pandemic?

I don’t know about you, but all I can picture is my nephew running off and hugging his best friend in secret while they both giggle and say “Shh, don’t tell your mom we hugged and didn’t stay 6 feet apart.” Not only that, but the children might also have a hard time keeping the mask on for the whole school hours. Teenagers are also going to want to hang out with their friends as soon as they’re back in school as well, we might even have a hard time telling them no just like the grade school kids. Social distancing has proven to be hard for the adults, and some of the adults have not been following the “rules” that have been placed to keep everyone safe when it comes to social distancing. So, I can’t imagine any of us would think the children and teenagers would do the same.

Homeschooling is now for the win; parents are claiming that they have been bonding with their kids more and learning new things with them every day through this beautiful experience. Not only that, but children who had easily gotten sick from school also are now not getting sick while being homeschooled. So, the parents are finally getting relief with that. It’s understandable if you’re a working parent and is unable to handle the full-time responsibilities of homeschooling and wondering if you should transition to it, I have others article that can provide you more information if this is the right move for you as this is a big step for not only you but for your child as well. It’s a big step, but your child will stay safe, and so will your loved ones that will be around them.

Kassandra Vivu is a Writer, content creator, and published author, she enjoys writing and has a passion for it, but that’s not all she does. She’s working on becoming a Medical Examiner as well. When Kassandra isn’t going to historical or art museums, she is creating art by either painting, sketching, drawing, or making music with her instruments. Kassandra currently lives in South Florida, where she improves on her career and her success.